Behavior Modification


K9 Proving Ground offers behavior modification and rehabilitation for problems such as aggression, fighting, resource guarding, shyness, phobias, and anxiety. Our facility allows us to safely address problems and our trained staff specializes in rehabilitation of aggressions and behavioral problems. We work with all breeds, sizes, and ages of dogs.  Through scientifically proven methods, operant conditioning, and experience with behavioral problems we are able to successfully and effectively resolve problems.

Our programs directly address your dogs problems. In order to properly work with any behavior problem we start with a behavioral analysis conducted by our head trainer. We look at each and every dog as an individual and analyze every aspect of the situation in order to correctly diagnose your dogs issues. We then will determine the best course of action to safely address the root causes of any problems and begin rehabilitation. Because every dog and situation is different this course of action will be a customized and carefully thought out plan to target specific behaviors and rehabilitate your dog. 

Behavioral problems can often be frustrating and exhausting for owners. If you are experiencing any kind of behavioral problems please contact us to set up a behavioral analysis.