pharrah - Police dog

"On behalf of Foxfire Village and the Foxfire Police Department, I would like to thank you for your donation of Narcotics Detection K9 Pharrah. Your donation of K9 Pharrah to the Foxfire PD will help us continue our war against drugs and assist those in our community. It is because of your generous donation that we are able to continue our K9 program when we were faced with possible disbandment of the K9 program due to lack of funding. Pharrah has only been on the road for approximately 4 hours and has already alerted us to the presence of cocaine on her first vehicle traffic stop. K9 Proving Ground has produced a great narcotics dog and I will be recommending all of our local agencies to your training facility for their next K9 purchase. I would like to offer my personal thanks and gratitude as Pharrah's handler. I would also like to thank you for making our visit a memorable one. Your staff was very polite and professional. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you again and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need anything from me." -Chad Shue, Chief of Police, Foxfire Police Department, NC

               Chief Shue and K9 Karma

              Chief Shue and K9 Karma


Sgt. Jason Embler and K9 Ivy

Sgt. Jason Embler and K9 Ivy

Ivy - Police Dog

"On behalf of the Town of Southern Pines and the Southern Pines Police Department, I am proud to have purchased K9 Ivy, K9 Mary, and K9 Jacky from K9 Proving Ground. I have been a K9 handler for 13 years and the Supervisor of the K9 Unit for 4 years. From my first visit to K9 Proving Ground and on my repeat visits I have always been impressed with the facilities and staff. The facilities allow the handler and the K9 conduct reality based training with multiple training areas. Alex is very professional and his knowledge of K9's is beyond his years. Alex is a great K9 trainer and provided us with a great product. The K9's we have purchased from K9 Proving Ground have helped our department with seizures of narcotics, US currency, locating stolen property, locating suspect of crimes and locating missing people. I look forward to purchasing more K9's from Alex and K9 Proving Ground in the future." - Sgt. Jason Embler, Patrol Sgt./K9 Supervisor, Southern Pines Police Department, NC.




"After going to different trainers for a year with my GSD Zitto, I came across Alex at K9 Proving Ground. Alex's knowledge about dog training, health, and behavior is the best in NEPA. He is training my 2.5 year old GSD on nose work and also teaching me how to become a better handler. Zitto is now a NW1 title and is ready for NW2 trial in September of this year. I highly recommend K9 Proving Ground to anyone looking for K9 services." - Luis Rivera




"Alex is a supreme strategist/trainer and has helped improve Jury's performance immensely! Every concern we have brought to his attention he has addressed. Alex has given us tools and techniques to further develop us as handlers. Recently Jury stayed at K9 Proving Ground during our vacation, and we returned to a content and even more refined dog!" -Kriss Powell


"I am so impressed with K9 Proving Ground! I can not believe how much improvement is shown in my boy Clancy, brings tears to my eyes to see him around people and other dogs again. I truly appreciate how much time and effort Alex has put into training and caring for my dog, I have never known of such an awesome place. He is getting healthy and trained so he can come home and enjoy things he used to be able to enjoy without anxiety and aggression. I would highly recommend this place to anyone in need of dog training or nutrition. I have been bragging about how awesome Alex has been and I will continue to tell the world!" -Michelle Cooney


"My two year old German Shepherd, Annika, was constantly barking and growling at strangers and guests invited to our home. Weighing in at 90 pounds made her a rather scary sight. My wife was at her wits ends, being we couldn't even have company over to our house. Compounding this problem was the fact that my wife couldn't even walk her, due to her constant pulling on the leash. We tried other trainers with little to no results. I found K9 Proving Ground and met Alex, the head trainer. He identified Annika's problems and assured me he could help. I admit at first I was skeptical after the failures with other trainers. After a few sessions the results were amazing, it was like having a new dog at home. Annika continued her training, and the leash pulling stopped and the aggressive behaviors are gone. Today, I can actually take her inside stores and have her calmly walk by my side. My wife has no trouble taking her on their daily walks and we can finally have company at the house. If it wasn't for Alex and the staff at K9 Proving Ground, I don't know what we would have done. Alex took time during each session to include us, and instruct us on the best way to continue with his training program at our house. K9 Proving Ground was the answer to all our problems. Thanks to Alex and his staff, Annika is now a happy member of our family." - Ed and Sam N.